Advisor Institute

UNM bi-annual advisor institutes provide an opportunity to all undergraduate academic, integrated, and branch advisors to participate in a shared professional development experience. During these institutes there are plenary and break out sessions which are given by members of the advisement community as well as supporting departments. This opportunity is made possible by the Office of the Provost, as well as the generous participation of the UNM advising community. For any questions please contact Shannon Saavedra at:

Fall 2019 Institute: September 26, 2019









Building Community and Establishing Relationships with Our Students

The Mutual Appreciation Society

Identifying Students in Distress

What can NASPA do for you?

Money Potholes: Swerving to Miss Life’s Financial Hiccups, Montly Budget Worksheet, Needs vs. Wants Worksheet, Savings Goal Worksheet

Growth Mindset in Academic Advising

Admission to Nursing 101: BSN Admission Sheet, Resume Guide, Volunteer Opportunities, HESI

Advising First Generation Students

State of Advising

Undocu Taskforce: Moving Beyond Allyship

Helping Your Students Who Hope to Work in Healthcare

Cultivating Critical Hope in the Advising Profession


CNM to UNM Transfer: Measuring Student Success After Their Transition to UNM

Suncat 1110: Helping UNM Advisors and Students Navigate CNM

Spring 2019 Institute: May 16, 2019


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