UNM has a lot of resources that Dual Credit students should be aware of. The following is a breakdown of the most common resources Dual Credit students will use:

UNM Bookstore

UNM Bookstores works with affiliated high schools to provide required course materials. Additional supplies and materials are available for purchase. UNM Bookstores is owned and operated by the University of New Mexico and returns all proceeds to the university.

Degree Programs

Explore the many degree programs offered at UNM and find one that best fits you at  Be sure to take Dual Credit courses that are listed on the degree that follows your career pathway.


LoboMail is your UNM email account. UNM employees (i.e. advisors) can only interact with you through your UNM email, not your personal one. This is also how your Dual Coordinator Coordinator, Dee Dee Hatch-Sanders, will be reaching out to you. Be sure to check your UNM email often.


LoboWeb is where you can access semester grades once they’ve been posted, your unofficial transcripts, and view your class schedule.

UNM Learn

Your professors will use UNM Learn to input important information, like the course syllabus, the class schedule, and your grades. UNM Learn is also where online quizzes will be available, as well as any supplemental resources your professor uploads (i.e. Ted Talks, relevant articles, etc.).


PATS is the parking and transportation services at UNM. Through them, you can receive a free bus pass for the city with your student ID card. You’re also able to purchase parking permits for on-campus parking.


Use LoboAchieve for all your advising needs. Schedule appointments with your academic advisor as well as read any notes your advisor writes from your interactions. Any holds that you may have and your unofficial transcripts are available through LoboAchieve also.


CAPS (Center for Academic Program Support) provides tutoring services for UNM students. They offer a variety of tutoring services, including individual appointments, online tutoring, drop-in labs, workshops, and more. Though their main location is on the third floor of Zimmerman library, they have other locations around campus. Visit their website to find the specific service and location you’re looking for.

UNM Libraries

UNM has four main libraries open to all UNM students: Zimmerman, Centennial, Parish, and Fine Arts. Each library offers open spaces for students to study at, as well as study rooms you can reserve (you can reserve a room through the website by clicking on “Reserve a Room” on the right side under their open hours listing). With your UNM ID card, you’re able to check out library books and even rent laptops for a couple of hours.


myUNM is a portal that allows access to UNM Learn, LoboMail, LoboWeb, and UNM Libraries.