Spring 2018

May 22, 2018

Spring Program

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Morning Plenary

Making the Pieces Fit: Providing Academic Supports to UNM Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Re-engineering the Student-Athlete Network

Engaging Parents for a Positive Partnership

Afternoon Plenary

Reducing Time to Graduation: Collaborating Across Campus to Impact Student Success

Designing Decisions: Using Visual Elements and Graphic Design to Help Undecided Students in the Decision Making Process

A Proactive Approach Today for a Smoother Transition Tomorrow

Fall 2018

September 18th, 2018

Fall Program

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Plenary Sessions

Pamela Cheek, Welcome

Laura Valdez, The State of Advising

Enrollment Management & Bursar

Vanessa Sylvia Handout 1, Handout 2

Employee Wellness

Banner 9, Nader Khalil

Morning Breakout Sessions

Guiding Students Through the Graduate Application Process

Update on National Security Studies programs at UNM, handout

Diversity 101 with DEI

National Student Exchange Partnerships

Integrating Honors into any Major

What is the Academic Advisor's Role in International Education at UNM?

Facts and Myths Debunked: How UNM Career Counselors Work with Students - Handouts: Career Tools for Advisors, Advisors Do's and Dont's, Fall 2018 Liason and Responsibilities

Advising Non-UNM Students: A TES Refresher

Advising Students About Community Engagement Opportunities

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

How to Create Financially Capable Students, Handout

Climb to Success with Liberal Arts

Suicide Prevention 101 for Faculty & Staff

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: Innovation and Flexibility in a Growing Advisement Unit

Intercultural Agility and Advising: Supporting our Diverse Student Community ppt, handout

National & International Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities, handout

The Stress and Anxiety Toolbox

Lessons Learned from Engaging Undergraduate Students Interested in STEM and Research

Career Tools to Help Students Find Direction, Inspiration, and Motivation: My Career Story Workbook, Career Construction InterviewAdvisor Cheat Sheet