Application & Registration Process


1- Complete the UNM Dual Credit Application Form

2 - Complete the Major/Career Interest Form 
  • Students may complete the Major/Career Interest Form by clicking here.
  • After completion of the Major/Career Interest Form, the UNM Dual Credit Coordinator helps students who have 15+ attempted dual credit hours set up an appointment with a UNM Academic Advisor.  The UNM Academic advisor will provide students with a list of courses from their intended degree program that are appropriate to take under the UNM Dual Credit Program and help them to understand how the courses they've already earned under dual credit are applicable toward their intended degree program.
  • If you have fewer than 15 earned credit hours under dual credit and would like to speak with an academic advisor, you are welcome to do so.  Email us at and we'll help you navigate that process.

3 - Complete the NM Dual Credit Request Form

  • The Student Information, Course Listing, High School Representative Signature, Student Signature, and Parent/Guardian signature must be complete.  Forms with missing information will not be processed.  The UNM Dual Credit Coordinator or Supervisor are the only ones authorized to sign for Postsecondary Representative on behalf of UNM.  They will sign off after review and approval of the complete admission packet. 
  • Once the UNM Schedule of Classes is available, students may begin filling out the course information section on this form with their high school counselor or representative.  UNM's schedule of classes is where information can be found on the CRN, Course #, Section #, and days/times for courses.  
  • Courses selected must:
    • Fit into their high school schedule.
    • Must be on the List of Approved Courses for their high school.  Note: Homeschooled students should follow the list for APS.
    • Must be applicable toward their intended degree program.  This can be determinded by meeting with a UNM advisor and/or by reviewing degree programs at 
    • If a student has 15+ attempted dual credit hours, courses must also be approved by a UNM advisor during an academic advisement appointment.
  • We recommend that students put their first choice course(s) on the NM Dual Credit Request Form but that they also provide a separate list of alternative choices signed by them and their high school counselor in case the student's first choice(s) are no longer available at the time of dual credit registration.
  • Students or a high school representative may submit this form to once it is complete.

4 - Submit Official Transcripts

  • Official High School Transcript
    • There are only two ways an official transcript can be submitted
      • A student may order an official transcript through Parchment and request that it be directly sent to
      • A high school representative (counselor, registrar, etc.) emails the official transcript directly to   
    • Transcripts submitted by students are considered unofficial, even if the transcript is labeled, "official."  Transcripts must be submitted directly from Parchment or by a high school representative.
    • Fall applicants must wait to send transcripts until spring grades have posted.  Summer applicants need to be sure that fall grades are on their transcript before sending.
    • If you were admitted to dual credit in a fall semester and are applying for the following spring semester, you will not need to send a new transcript as no new information will be on there since the last set sent for fall admission.
  • Official Transcripts from Higher Education Institutions Outside of UNM
    • If you took dual credit or concurrent enrollment classes at or through a college or university outside of UNM, you must have official transcripts sent to UNM Admissions.  The college or university may send them electronically to apply@unm.eduor by hard copy to: UNM Admissions, P.O. Box 4985, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4895
    • If you took courses at or through CNM, see this website for instructions on how to order your official transcripts: 
    • NOTE: If you have already sent UNM your official transcripts in a previous semester and you have not taken any new courses since you last sent the transcript, you do not need to send another one.  But, if there are updates, an updated transcript is required.

5 - Submit Course Placement Documents (when/if applicable)

  • Other supporting documents as necessary/applicable for the purpose of course placement.
    • Official ACT, SAT, AP, IB, Accuplacer, or CLEP scores
    • The documents should be sent to UNM Admissions directly from the College Board, ACT/SAT, etc.  Documentation of these listed on a high school transcript cannot be accepted for course placement.

Admission & Registration

    • The UNM Dual Credit Coordinator manages the entire Admissions Process for the Dual Credit Program.  Any questions about the status of a dual credit application should be sent to
    • Once a student is admitted to the UNM Dual Credit Program, the UNM Dual Credit Coordinator will email confirmation to the student at the email address they provided on the UNM Dual Credit Application Form. A list of next steps will be provided a that time.
    • All registration functions (adding/dropping) are completed on behalf of the student by the UNM Dual Credit Office.  A hold is placed on all dual credit student accounts that prevent them from performing any registration functions.  This hold does not get removed until the student is no longer in dual credit status.
    • Registration will be completed no later than the date listed at the top of this webpage and in the timeline below.
    • Admission to UNM ABQ/Main's Dual Credit Program DOES NOT guarantee registration into a dual credit student's requested courses especially for high demand courses which are generally full by the time we open registration for dual credit students.  High demand courses typically include but are not limited to: all online courses, first year English courses, math courses, and language courses.
    • We advise that you include back-up options for courses when you submit your application.  If your first choice is full when we open registration, we will look to your second, third, fourth, etc. options immediately if they were provided to us with your application packet.
    • If back-up options were not provided prior to dual credit registration day and the course you requested is full, it is likely that you will not be able to take a course at UNM for that semester. 

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