Application Process

How to Apply

To apply to the UNM Main Dual Credit Program, complete the following steps:

STEP ONE:  Complete the Major/Career Interest Form & Meet with a UNM Academic Advisor

  • After completion of the Major/Career Interest Form, the UNM Dual Credit Coordinator helps students set up an appointment with a UNM Academic Advisor.  The UNM Academic advisor helps students understand which course placement tools should either be taken or submitted to UNM.  They will also provide students with a list of courses from their intended degree program that are appropriate to take under the UNM Dual Credit Program.
  • Students may complete the Major/Career Interest Form here:

STEP TWO:  Meet with a High School Counselor

  • Students share the list of courses provided by the UNM Academic Advisor with their high school counselor.  Together they review the list and decide which of those courses are also applicable to their high school requirements and which are also approved courses on the Appendix of the Master Agreement with their high school.

STEP THREE:  Select Courses for the NM Dual Credit Request Form

  • Go to to view UNM's Schedule of classes for your selected semester.  This is where you can find the CRN, Course #, Section #, and days/times for courses.  We also recommend that students put their first choice course(s) on the NM Dual Credit Request Form but that they also provide a separate list of alternative choices signed by them and their high school counselor in case the student's first choice(s) are no longer available at the time of dual credit registration.

STEP FOUR: Submit the Following Documents to Complete the Dual Credit Admissions Packet 

  • Official High School Transcript
    • There are only two ways an official transcript can be submitted
      • A student may order an official transcript through Parchment and request that it be directly sent to
      • A high school representative (counselor, registrar, etc.) emails the official transcript directly to   
    • Transcripts submitted by students are considered unofficial, even if the transcript is labeled, "official."  Transcripts must be submitted directly from Parchment or by a high school representative.
    • Fall applicants must wait to send transcripts until spring grades have posted.  Summer applicants need to be sure that fall grades are on their transcript before sending.
  • Other supporting documents as necessary/applicable for the purpose of course placement.
    • Official ACT, SAT, AP, IB, Accuplacer, or CLEP scores
    • Official transcripts from higher education institutions outside of UNM
    • The documents should be sent to UNM Admissions directly from the College Board, the transfer institution, etc.  Documentation of these listed on a high school transcript cannot be accepted for course placement.

STEP FIVE: Check Email for Confirmation of Admission

  • The UNM Dual Credit Coordinator manages the entire Admissions Process for the Dual Credit Program.  Any questions about the status of a dual credit application should be sent to
  • Once a student is admitted to the UNM Dual Credit Program, the UNM Dual Credit Coordinator will email confirmation to the student at the email address they provided on the UNM Dual Credit Application Form. A list of next steps will be provided a that time.

Ideal Admission/Registration Timeline 

SemesterComplete Major/Career Interest Form & Meet with UNM Advisor & High School CounselorSubmit Complete Application Packet

Registration for Courses

(completed by Dual Credit Coordinator)

First Day of

Full-Term Courses

Spring 2023OctoberNovember

Starts on

December 5, 2022

January 16, 2023
Summer 2023MarchApril1st week of May

June 3, 2023

Fall 2023MarchAprilAugust 17-18, 2023August 21, 2023


Questions? Contact us!

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*Although tuition is Waived by the University, students are responsible for any course-related fees.

Keep in mind the following when applying to the Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment program:

  • Carefully follow all of the instructions in the How To Apply section of this site.
  • Some courses have prerequisite and/or corequisites – the Dual Credit Coordinator will discuss these as they must be met before registering for certain classes.

What happens after I submit a Dual Credit application packet?

  1. A complete application packet is submitted by the deadline posted on the website.
  2. Processing takes about 5-7 business days after the packet has been sent to UNM Admissions to match with online application and transcripts.
  3. If admitted:
    1. Concurrent Enrollment hold is placed on all admitted student accounts.
    2. The Dual Credit Coordinator will begin registering students for the semester. Any changes are to be communicated via email to
    3. Students are to complete the steps outlined in the Welcome email.
    4. The Welcome email is the only communication students will receive to the email provided in the application. Further communication will be sent to the students’ UNM email, once they have created their NETID.
    5. All students are to complete the Online Dual Credit Orientation. The link is provided via email.
  4. If not admitted:
    1. The student will receive an email stating the reasons the application was not accepted.
    2. Common reasons an application is not accepted:
      1. Missing information provided
      2. Missing supplemental materials (transcripts, test scores, etc.)
      3. GPA does not meet the minimum GPA requirement
      4. Student does not meet Junior/Senior standing
      5. Missing signatures on application materials


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