LoboAchieve Student

LoboAchieve Policy Document


Process for Current students to access LoboAchieve

  1. Go to: loboachieve.unm.edu
  2. Select UNM SIGN IN and sign in with your UNM information


Process for Prospective students to create their account

  1. Go to: https://loboachieve.unm.edu/welcome
  2. Follow instructions
  • Create an account
  • Student will select their major
  • Fill in required fields (including non-UNM email)
  • Student will need to verify their account by checking email they used to create account.



Scheduling an appointment with your advisor

Students will see all advisors that they are associated with on their home page.



Students can click on MORE INFORMATION by their advisors name to learn more about that advisor.


Students can also select SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT


Find a day and time that works and click on the appointment time. Select how the meeting will happen (face to face, online, etc), then enter a reason why the appointment is being scheduled, and select SCHEDULE to confirm the appointment.



Scheduling appointments with other advisors

Students who want to meet with an advisor that is not on their home page should select the ADVISING OFFICES tab on the top menu bar. Here students can scroll through all of the offices &/or search for key words / or advisors names to find what/who they are looking for.



More information on LoboAchieve

LoboAchieve is an advising application that allows students to schedule appointments with advisors, and access advising session notes. Advisors manage their appointment calendar through LoboAchieve, enter advising session notes, and manage their student-advising lists.

If you have any questions or if you run into issues while using LoboAchieve, let us know. You can reach us at loboachieve@unm.edu using your UNM email account. 

Remember to include the following when emailing us:

  • Your full name
  • NetID and UNM ID number
  • Description/screenshot of the issue(s) you are encountering