Admissions Process

How to Apply

To apply to Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment program, complete the following steps:

1. Choose your class(es). First-time applicants may only take one (1) class.

  • Review your school’s Master Agreement on our website.
  • Choose a class that meets a Gen Ed Requirement ( for your future career plan.
  • Visit to view class information (days/times offered, etc.)
    • The schedule of classes is available in April (for Summer and Fall) and November (for Spring)
  • Make sure to write the course name, CRN, days and times the class meets, and the course number (i.e. MATH 1215) in the State of New Mexico Dual Credit Request Form (see below) in order to ensure we register you for the correct class.

2. Submit a complete Dual Credit application packet. This includes:

3. Check your email for confirmation of admission.

  • Note: Your Dual Credit Coordinator manages the process for you; therefore, you do not need to communicate with other UNM offices. If you have any questions, email

Questions? Contact us!

Contact us at

*Although tuition is Waived by the University, students are responsible for any course-related fees, such as lab, technology, and/or online fees.

Keep in mind the following when applying to the Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment program:

  • Follow the instructions in the How To Apply section of this site.
  • Some courses have prerequisite and/or corequisites – the Dual Credit Coordinator will discuss these as they must be met before registering for certain classes.

What happens after I submit a Dual Credit application packet?

  1. Application is submitted by the deadline posted on the website.
  2. Processing takes about 5-7 business days after the packet has been sent to Admission to match with online application and transcripts.
  3. If admitted:
    1. Concurrent Enrollment hold is placed on all admitted student accounts.
    2. The Dual Credit Coordinator will begin registering students for the semester. Any changes are to be communicated via email to
    3. Students are to complete the steps outlined in the Welcome email.
    4. The Welcome email is the only communication students will receive to the email provided in the application. Further communication will be sent to the students’ UNM email, once they have created their NETID.
    5. All students are to complete the Online Dual Credit Orientation. The link is provided via email.
  4. If not admitted:
    1. The student will receive an email stating the reasons the application was not accepted.
    2. Common reasons an application is not accepted:
      1. Missing information provided
      2. Missing supplemental materials (transcripts, test scores, etc.)
      3. GPA does not meet the minimum GPA requirement
      4. Student does not meet Junior/Senior standing
      5. Missing signatures on application materials