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The Provost's Committee for Advising (PCA) began in 2005, in response to the Provost's call for proposals that would address the need to: enhance advising practices University-wide for the betterment of the student user, and to provide advisors with more opportunities to develop and grow within their profession.

The selected proposal, submitted by Stephanie Hands, Michelle Steiner, and Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, discussed the advantages of having an overarching committee that attended to the mission and goals handed down by the Provost, with continuous working subcommittees that brought the ideas of the committee, with significant input from the advisor community at large, to fruition. With a final approval from the Deans, the PCA was put into place.

The PCA and respective subcommittees thus far have accomplished the following:

  • Intensive research into the advising path that students take from admission to UNM to graduation, looking for problem areas along the way.
  • Development of a training PASSPORT, which allows for a more consistent, comprehensive training program for new advisors
  • Creation of a professional development certificate program for advisors (pending approval from the Deans) that allows for professional development opportunities at three different levels, with advantages/perks for those advisors who choose to participate in the program
  • Involvement of advisement-related material in FastInfo
  • Management of Banner training for advisors
  • Evaluation/Assessment of new units of advisors