Master Agreements

Master Agreements are the contracts UNM has with Postsecondary high schools around the state. The Master Agreement is an official document that confirms the collaboration between the Postsecondary institution and local educational agency. If a school is listed on here, students from that school are able to participate in the Dual Credit program at UNM. The Master Agreement must have an Appendix (list of approved courses) allowed for dual credit at UNM. A copy of the Master Agreement and Appendix are sent to the PED to ensure compliance to the standards, agreement has been established, and allow for reimbursement of course tuition for those approved agencies.

Our Dual Credit Coordinator is continuously working to add more schools to our list. Please note that different schools have different agreements with UNM. Students may only take classes included in their school’s agreement. Click on your school’s agreement below for more information on the classes you may take.

Signed Master Agreements:

The following is a list of Master Agreements UNM currently has available. For specific course listings, please refer to the school counselor or Dual Credit Coordinator at UNM.