Free Lobo Connect Summer Bridge Courses for New Students




Lobo Connect

Lobo Connect courses are free 1-Credit Hour classes taught in the summer and are designed to help students

  • Develop skills for success at UNM
  • Learn about Support resources
  • Get a boost for a strong Fall Semester
  • Meet classmates and instructors

Facts about Lobo Connect

  • Grades are Credit and No Credit (CR/NC).
  • Computers and internet access are necessary

If you are interested in taking a course this summer, please complete the interest form and an academic advisor will contact you about registration.

Build Writing and Communication Bridges (English 2993)

In this one-credit course, you will develop skills that will prepare you to succeed in your college writing classes, in your college classes beyond First Year Composition (FYC), and in your lives beyond UNM. Through a variety of writing, discussion-board, and synchronous and asynchronous multimodal engagements, you will develop a relationship with your peers and instructor that will support your expanding knowledge about online course delivery at UNM, the writing and communication expectations in college classes, financial literacy for college students, use of online tools across the curriculum, and the “where’s-who’s-and-why’s” of life at UNM. You will compose discussion board posts, keep an online writing journal, create “video blogs” (vlogs), and participate in synchronous class discussion, in whole-class and small-team formats. The course is designed to help you have a “strong start” to your college experience. 

Course Dates


July 12 - July 23

MTWRF 10-11:15


July 7 - July 23


July 26 - August 6


July 26 - August 6



EdReady Critical Text Analysis (FYEX 1110)

Do you feel like you need to brush up on your reading and critical thinking skills? Whether you need to work on your reading speed, ability to remember material, or critical analysis skills, this course is for you! Students will “refresh” their reading and text analysis skills using an individually customized EdReady path while learning skills to succeed in reading intensive classes at UNM. Students who placed into FYEX 1030 (Critical Text Analysis) will have the opportunity to place out of the course via EdReady.

Course Dates


July 26 - August 6



EdReady Math and Statistics (FYEX 1110)

Do you feel like you need a math refresher?  Whether you need to start from scratch with arithmetic, brush up on Trigonometry, or anything in between, this course is for you!  Students will “refresh” their math skills using an individually customized EdReady path while learning skills to succeed in core math classes at UNM.  Students who placed into FYEX 1010 (Foundational Math) or Math 1215X, Y, and Z (Intermediate Algebra) will have the opportunity to place into a fall General Education math class via EdReady.

Course Dates


July 26 - August 6


Engineering Your Future (ENG 195)

This course will be emphasizing skills needed to be successful in most Engineering and Computing courses. Concepts range from early exposure to Engineering to MATLAB and Excel, and Personal Growth and Development through Technical Reading and Writing. These courses will connect the need of critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication as related to Engineering and Computing. 

Course Dates


Meeting Times


July 26 – August 6

Remote Scheduled

MTWRF 10:00 – 11:15



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