LoboTrax Audit

lobotrax audit pic


Every student should be using their LoboTrax audit to review their degree requirements. To find out more information about LoboTrax, click here

  1. Go to LoboWeb
  2. Click "Student Menu"
  3. Click on "Records and Registration"
  4. Click "Submit or View a LOBO Trax degree audit"
  5. Click "Submit an Audit"
  6. Select term and "Submit"
  7. Check the box above the "Run Audit" button if you want to include Planned Courses
  8. Click "Run Audit"
  9. Click the link to "View Submitted Audits"

10.Click "Refresh the List" (if audit does not automatically refresh)

11.Click the View Link labeled with the student's current program to view

12.Click the red arrow to expand requirements

13.Clcik "View a Printer Friendly Report" to print or view the report

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