Progress Report

Advising Tool - 100%

Implement a new advising tool that will be used throughout campus to track student's progress and capture advising notes/comments

100% Complete

Advising Strategic Plan - 100%

Create a campus wide strategic advising plan that incorporates the University's mission and goals.

100% Complete

Assessment of Advisement - 90%

Create an advising plan that has advising goals and student learning outcomes.

90% Complete

Faculty Involvement - 40%

Create an advising environment that bridges both professional and faculty advising to better serve the students at UNM.

40% Complete

Advisor Award - 100%

Create an advisor award for that will recognize faculty and professional advisors in three categories: new, outstanding and innovative

100% Complete

Publication - 100%

Create various publications to tell the story of advising at UNM. Create an advising newsletter, media blast and an annual advising report.

100% Complete

Advising Program, Organizational Structure, Policies - 100%

Establish more defined advising policies. Relocate the Director of University Advisement out of UAC. Create a policy for addressing advising holds.

100% Complete

Training and Professional Development - 100%

Enhance the current advisor training. Incorporate more technology and develop a comprehensive training manual. Define opportunities that support professional development.

100% Complete

Pre-New Student Orientation - %

Begin the teaching process prior to students attending orientation. Revised a student video that addresses major areas for advising and registration.

% Complete

New Student Orientation - 80%

Reorganize how advising your conducted during new student orientation. Create learning outcomes and general presentation that can be used in all advising centers.

80% Complete

Website With Major Requirements - 95%

Create a website that outlines entrance major requirements and an eight-semester academic plan.

95% Complete