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Advising Transfer Students Taskforce

Members are:

  • Daniel Begay, AISS
  • Anne Compton, CAPS
  • Jenna Crabb, Career Services
  • Ian Drackert, BLA
  • Andrew Gonzalez, CEOP
  • Stephanie Hands, A&S
  • Azure Leyba, A&S
  • Jennifer Lucero, CFA
  • Florencio Olguin, ASM
  • Marlene Sanchez, EPAC
  • The PCA Leadership Council developed the following as a guide or charge to the taskforce.


    • Explore ways to explain the transfer process
      •  Identify if there is an explanation in existence
      • Create an explanation if none exists
    • Explore whether a central website for Transfer students is needed or feasible
    • Compile financial resources information for those concerned about UNM’s higher cost than a community college cost


    • Ensure that we collaborate with the Mellon Grant to leverage resources
    • Recommend content for new advisor training
    • Leverage TES – how it works for advisors and students
    • Increase an awareness to academic advisors of integrated advisors’ services
      •  Integrated advisors engage student involvement