PCA Committees

Active committees

Cross Colleges

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Hands [College of Arts and Sciences] and Laura Valdez [University College Advisement Center]

Committee members: Alex Gonzalez [Registrar], Sonia Gipson Rankin [Acting Director of University Advisement], Deanna Mulcahy [College of Fine Arts], Krystal McCutchen [College of Pharmacy], Len Malry [College of Nursing], Angela Pacheco [School of Architecture  & Planning], Quinton Freeman [School of Engineering], Megan Speck [College of Pharmacy], Nissane Capps [College of Nursing], Smith Frederick [College of Education], Stephanie Hands [College of Arts & Sciences], Todd Hynson [Health Sciences], Florencio Olguin [Anderson School of Management], Laura Valdez [University College].

Committee Description: The Cross College Committee is collaborative in nature and strives to standardize processes within units when degrees combine components across colleges.  It also creates, reviews, clarifies, and revises academic advisement policies and practices so that students can have similar experiences across the university.  The committee meets monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters and works through a prioritized list of tasks.  Ad hoc committees are formed to address long-term needs.

Advisor Institute

Chair: Shannon Saavedra [Office of University Advisement]

Committee Members: JJ Conn [Student Succes Center], Tania Aramburu Garnas [College Enrichment and Outreach Programs], Julie Bustamante  [College of Arts and Sciences], Marlene Hernandez [University College], Chris Larranaga [University Libraries], Krystal Mc Cutchen [College of Pharmacy], Rachel Perovich [College of Fine Arts], Rebecca Rodriguez [Anderson Schools of Management], Suzie McCalmant-Garcia [Enrollment Management].

Committee Description: The Provost Committee for Advising funds and schedules the bi-annual advisor institues for advisors at the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College. The institutes provide academic advisors at UNM (including: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Graduate, Branch, and Extended Learning advisors) and CNM the opportunity to participate in professional development at a local level. The institutes consist of advisors from UNM and CNM presenting on relevant topics and proctoring round tables to discuss issues that advisors are facing. There are also plenary sessions from Enrollment Management and other relevant departments who present to update advisors on any changes that may affect what they do. The members of the committee help plan, schedule, and run the institutes. 

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Shannon Saavedra [Office of University Advisement]

Committee Members: Jen Conn [School of Engineering], Sarah E. Dominguez [School of Engineering], Jennifer Lucero [College of Fine Arts], Kelley Parker [University College Advisement Center], Catherine Montoya [Native American Studies], Diana Martinez-Campos [CAMP].

Committee Description: This committee is responsible for scheduling and managing the monthly advisor meetings. 

Advisor Awards Committee

Chair: Shannon Saavedra [Office of University Advisement]

Committee Members:  Quinton Freeman [School of Engineering], Florencio Olguin [Anderson Schools of Management], Laura Valdez [University College Advisement Center], Stephanie Hands [Collee of Arts and Sciences], Lisa Stewart [School of Architecture and Planning], Krystal McCutchen [College of Pharmacy]. Andrew Gonzales [College Enrichment and Outreach Programs].

Committee Description: This committee is responsible for ensuring the advisor awards are up to date and serving the advisors on campus as intended.

Advisement Communication

Chair: Vacant

Committee Members:

Committee Description:  The Advisement Communications Committee works together to coordinate communications to the general UNM community regarding academic advising and special programs that support advising at UNM.   One of the committee’s main tasks is to create a quarterly newsletter that is distributed campus-wide.  This newsletter will serve as the central source in which UNM advisement information is distributed throughout the UNM community.  In addition to providing general advisement information, it will also highlight advisor accomplishments, showcase advisors, and ultimately be the advisement community’s way to tell their story of advising at UNM.