LoboAchieve 2.0 Suggestions

With the implementation of LoboAchieve 2.0 the Office of University Advisement is seeking the communities suggestions on ways the system can work best for advisors across campus. Please fill out the following form to input suggestions.

Current Requests

  • Ability to schedule appointments for students
  • Ability to use Banner attributes to view cohorts
  • Ability to "block" over availability through LoboAchieve 2.0
  • Outlook sync capabilities
  • Calendar manager functions
  • Ability to move appointments from one advisor to another (within the same center)
  • From student view, drop down menu for center shows same advisor at top so that advisor gets most of the appointments. Need the ability to vary who shows up first
  • Ability to control how close to an appointment time a student can schedule an appointment (not walk-in's, but appointments)
  • Ability to delete just one student appointment, not the entire block of appointments from appointments tab
  • Ability to delete templates
  • Ability to see all appointments for the day from the availability page.
  • Group appointments
  • Have student view
  • Subjects for notes (not appointment notes)
  • Ability to minimize notes
  • Ability to record an "event" (LoboAchieve 1.0 verbiage)
  • Ability to see if a student has read a message that has been sent to them