LoboAchieve 2.0 Suggestions

With the implementation of LoboAchieve 2.0 the Office of University Advisement is seeking the communities suggestions on ways the system can work best for advisors across campus. Please fill out the following form to input suggestions.

Current Requests

  • Ability to "block" over availability
  • Outlook sync capbilities
  • Ability for Calendar Schedulers to see the waiting rooms.
  • Reconfigure scheduling
    • integrate schedule and dashboard tabs
    • calendar broken down into different intervals
    • error when appointments are not fitting block
  • Graduate students (done)
  • Ability to cancel one student from a group session.
  • Ability to control how close to an appointment time a student can schedule.
  • Ability to run reports
  • Ability to use Banner attributes to view cohorts
  • Ability to hit enter after search for a student by name/ID
  • Ability to see whether students have an appointment for a future date (and see who appt is with)