Lobo Louie and Lucy


The purpose of the LoboAchieve project will be to complete implementation of a campus wide Advising System that will standardize how student notes are captured.

In addition, a campus wide Early Alert System and an integrated tutoring system will be implemented that will assist in increasing student success which will produce a greater rate of retention.

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Starfish EARLY ALERT is a student tracking and support system that is used at The University of New Mexico to provide a holistic approach to student success and retention.

Starfish will be accessible from multiple UNM portals. Starfish will allow students to be actively engaged in their academic process by having immediate access to their academic progress. Students will be able to view academic "flags" that were raised by instructors to let he or she know they may need additional support in the class. Students are then connected to the appropriate individual who can assist them. In addition, instructors can raise "kudos" to congratulate students on their success.

Starfish CONNECT provides an easy and efficient way to set up office hours and make appointments to ensure an environment that allows students, faculty, and advisors to stay connected. Students can make appointments with instructors and advisors who have available office hours in Starfish. In addition, students will view who has been assigned to them as their academic advisors. Students will be able to create a support network within Starfish.