Graduation Initiatives

Graduation Express will provide students exceptional support through increased awareness of available resources. Students are automatically enrolled in Graduation Express if they first enrolled as a full-time student and they are currently entering their junior year. 

Graduation is of Key Importance

GraduationThere are many great reasons to complete your degree and graduate. One of the most often discussed is financial and most studies show an increase of income with each level of education completed. Employers also see dedication to finishing a degree as a good sign that you are a reliable potential employee, and a good investment. In short, college graduates are more employable and earn more money than non-graduates. Additionally, completing an undergraduate degree opens up opportunities for graduate study; and as you might suspect, having an advanced degree further enhances your earning potential. Setting aside tangible benefits, completing college and graduating with a degree allows you to work in a field that you love, and fills you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Lastly, graduation from college will give you everything you need to pursue all that you desire. It's the foundation for the rest of your adult life and will lead you to living the life you aspire. 

Income and Education Correlation