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Published on Oct 22, 2014

NACADA 2014 Annual Conference Keynote address by Executive Director Charlie Nutt

Published on Feb 3, 2014

In 2007, Bruce MacFarlane stated in The Academic Citizen, "the academic advisor is the most significant 'actor' in determining whether students persist."  Vincent Tinto has long told us that good advising is one of the key conditions that promotes retention for it reflects an institution's commitment to the education of students (2007). In this 80-minute September 2007 slidecast presentation, NACADA President Susan Campbell and NACADA Executive Director Charlie Nutt discussed research that clearly demonstrates the connection between quality academic advising and student persistence and provided strategies for using this research to affect change in an institution's culture. The information presented remains essential for key administrators on college campuses concerned about student persistence and graduation rates or those whose goal is to convince key administrators of the value of academic advising. Viewers will discover key research that demonstrates the connection between academic advising and student persistence, strategies to affect change based on the research, and strategies for utilizing the research to influence key administrators.

Published on Feb 10, 2015

There is no single type of student or student population or characteristic that makes a student destined for academic probation: no one is exempt from the possibility. What factors put students at risk for academic probation? What are some typical probationary policies? Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles in supporting students on academic probation? What can advisors do? Academic probation is a reality for all institutions, whether the institution is highly selective or one that supports open access. All members of the academic community have an interest in and responsibility for fostering student success. In this 84 minute, 2010 slidecast presentation, our panelists, led by NACADA Probation/Dismissal/Reinstatement Interest Group Chair Shelly Gehrke, discuss these questions and more. Institutional programs that are supportive of the student on academic probation are presented, and useful resources for academic advisors are shared.

Webinar Handouts

February 2009: Success with Parent Education: Dialoguing with New Students and their Parents at the Collegiate Level - Handout

April 2010: Reaching and Retaining Students: Breaking Bad News: Delivery techniques that help student make good alternative choices - Handout

May 2010: Reaching and Retaining Students: The Role of Faculty Advisors in Student Success - Handout

February 2011: Transfer Student Success: Reducing Transfer Student "Shock" - Handout

January 2012: Legal Implications to Academic Advising -  Handout

February 2012: Advising International Students From China - Handout