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Moving Leadership Beyond Empty Mandates: The Road to Improved Academic Advising (Part 1)


This article stresses the importance of creating an advising reform roadmap that addresses leadership, advising capacity, advising coordination, technology and student engagement.   How do we as advisors and administrators create an advising reform at UNM to assist with student success and strengthening the role of advising. Charlie Nutt the Executive Director of NACADA points out in the article that three things need to be in place (1) Commit to Organizational Change , (2) Establish a Clear Structure of Accountability and (3) Expand the Scope of Leadership Beyond Administrators. Over the years, UNM has made major changes around advising.  We are off to a great start, but there is more work that can be done.  The article is a great foundation to understanding how having a shared vision of advising is critical for the success of transforming advising on a university campus.  

 Lee Mun Wah, An Unfinished Conversation

Recently UNM had a presentation by Lee Mun Wah, An Unfinished Conversation, which was focused on getting real about racism and all other discrimination. He taught the Art of Mindful Communication and Inquiry.  Below are the bulleted versions of the principles of mindful communication. 

9 Healthy Ways to Communicate

  1. Reflect back what is being said. Use their words, not yours.
  2. Begin where they are, not where you want them to be. 
  3. Be curious and open to what they are trying to say.
  4. Notice what they are saying and what they are not. 
  5. Emotionally relate to how they are feeling. Nurture the relationship.
  6. Notice how you are feeling. Be honest and authentic.
  7. Take responsibility for your part in the conflict or misunderstanding.
  8. Try to understand how their past affects who they are and how those experiences affect their relationship with you.
  9. Stay in with the process and the relationship, not just the solution. 

The Art of Mindful Inquiry

  • What I heard you say was…
  • Tell me more about what you meant by…
  • What angered  you about what happened?
  • What hurt you about what happened?
  • What’s familiar about what happened? 
  • (How did that affect you? How does it affect you now?)
  • What do you need/want?

Advanced Empathetic Responses

  • I was really touched/moved when you shared about…
  • You’ve gone through so much to get to this room…
  • I’m sure there were lots of times it was hard to just get up and face another day…
  • As you were sharing, it’s like it happened yesterday…
  • As hard as it is to talk about what happened, I can also see a sense of relief…
  • Given what has happened to you, I can really see why you chose to…

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