Advising Awards


Each year the Provost’s Committee for Advising honors staff for their role as academic advisors and their impressive contributions to students. Great advising services must be recognized. UNM students, and staff are encouraged to nominate advisors for consideration for the PCA Awards for Academic Advisors. The nomination deadline is April 28, 2017. The awards are presented annually at the Spring Advisor Institute.

Current and full-time UNM staff advisors may be nominated. Advising must be the primary role of a staff member’s duties. Self-nominations will not be accepted as we encourage nominations from students and peers.

Nominators take on the responsibility of putting together a complete online nomination packet. All materials are submitted online. This includes:

  • Nomination form
  • Letters of nomination

Staff recipients will receive a cash award of $500 and a plaque.

One Staff award will be given within each of the award categories.


The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding academic advisor. Such evidence may include:

  • Staff whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to students.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Availability to advisees or staff
  • Caring, helpful attitude toward advisees and staff
  • Advising that builds strong relationships with advisees
  • Ability to engage in, promote, and support different advising theories and methods
  • Participation in advisor development programs. (Ex: UNM Advisor Institutes and Advisor Network Meetings)
  • Perception of colleagues and/or students of nominee's advising skills


This award is presented to seasoned advisors who demonstrate commitment to students’ success by encouraging them to overcome challenges, hurdles, transitions, and maximize opportunities relative to the students’ educational plans, career, and life goals. Individuals must have served as an academic advisor at least three years. Nominators should consider individuals who:

  • Implement advising principles that promote student success
  • Demonstrate mastery of institutional and/or departmental regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Are student-centered and accessible to students
  • Establish a strong rapport with students
  • Possess an ability to discern student needs
  • Adapt advising strategies to fit individual student needs
  • Develop relationships with colleagues to facilitate holistic approaches to student academic progress


This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students and reflect achievement, involvement, and potential of emerging academic advisement professionals. Individuals must have served as an academic advisor for less than 2 years.

Nominators should consider individuals who:

  • Develop a strong rapport with their student population in a timely manner
  • Become a part of the advising community through committees, networking, and/or being a resource to others
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for higher education and student success
  • Bring fresh ideas to the department or unit


Any UNM employee serving as an academic advisor from any campus, college, or department is eligible for these awards, given the following guidelines:

  • Must have completed their employee probationary period
  • Must not be Directors of Advisement centers and members of the PCA
  • Must not have won the same award previously
  • Must not have won any of the PCA awards within the last 3 years


  • Please read category guidelines carefully and address how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  • Summarize how the nominee’s primary role is advising.
  • Once a nomination/application has been submitted, you will be unable to make changes.
  • Nomination materials must be prepared specifically for these Awards. Materials prepared for another award process will not be considered.

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Excellence in Advising: Meghan Lippert from the College of Arts and Sciences

Outstanding New Advisor Award: Sarah E. Dominguez from the School of Engineering


Excellence in Advising: JJ Conn from the Office of Advisement Administration

Outstanding New Advisor Award: Farah Nousheen from the College of Arts and Sciences


Excellence in Advising: Kelley Parker from the University College Advisement Center

Outstanding New Advisor Award: Yvone' Nelson from the School of Engineering


Excellence in Advising: Lourdes Garcia-O'Keefe from School of Engineering

Outstanding New Advisor Award: Frank Chaco Borja II from the University College Advisement Center


Outstanding New Advisor Award:  Nicole Bingham from the College of Pharmacy

Excellence in Faculty Advising:  Tariq Khraishi from Mechanical Engineering

Innovation in Advisng:  Sarah Nezzer from University College Advisement Center

Excellence in Advising:  Beth Rowe from Architecture & Planning